Bali under the glow of neon lights

Bali under the glow of neon lights

All cities exist in between the pages of a guidebook. The popular landmarks to be caught, the cuisines to be tried and souvenirs to be bought. But that’s not all there is to a city. It exists beyond the gates of these obvious offerings. Out on the streets, in tiny alleys and local hideouts. I believe the true character of a place is revealed when you begin to explore it on foot. When you strike up a conversation with a complete stranger, befriend a group of musicians playing at the city square or simply roam the local bars. So on a recent trip to Indonesia, after chasing a fixed itinerary, I went about wandering the city streets after sun down. Here are the few images that I made on my night outs at Bali (Denpasar), Jakarta and Bandung.

A teenager entertains his friends at the city square, while lightening brightens up the night sky

Live music and karaoke are hugely popular at restaurants and pubs across Indonesia

A late night party spills out on the streets of Bali

A girl waits for her friends outside a cafe in Bandung

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