Be kind to your books

Be kind to your books

Be kind to your books. Take them out on walks!!

If my memory serves me correctly, I had picked this piece of awesomeness from the bookstore at Prithvi Theatre. This was Sher (my niece) and my first book hunting expedition. I think it was a year or so before the pandemic.This beauty came home with half a dozen other book buddies (a mix of Sher and my pickings). Besides the obvious lyrical words of Gaiman and beautiful artwork of Riddell, I absolutely adored the cover!! Unlike other reads arranged by the spine on my bookshelf, this one brilliantly sits cover up!!Last Sunday while I was planning an outing with my friends to Sanjay Gandhi National Park, the forecast predicted heavy rains. So instead of carrying my usual camera gear, I decided to go light. Water, chocolates, a couple of books and my phone (OnePlus 6). We entered the park at daylight and walked for about half an hour to reach a stream. Thankfully, the weather department lived up to its reputation and it didn’t rain. I let the book out for some fresh air and it merrily trotted about. Here are a few frames of its wanderings!!

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