Bakers of Paradise

Bakers of Paradise

A walk down the narrow lanes of the revered Hazratbal shrine, with its elaborately laid out bread spreads and an air of antiquity, feels more like wandering through the streets of a medieval bazaar, than a 21st century market. Not much has changed in these family run bakeries for decades, where hot breads are dished out each day, unfailingly at the crack of dawn.

You will find at least one baker (kandur) in the heart of each locality, where residents queue up with their wicker baskets after the morning prayers. But as the younger folk look out to move to better jobs, the legacy of this enterprise is slowly crumbling. Each year more and more kandurs wind up, begging the question as to how long the tradition will survive. But all is not lost as yet, so next time you’re in the valley make sure to sample a few of those delights.


  • Published : The Juice Magazine
  • Location : Kashmir, India

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